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Sandeep eliminated ani telisindi


This is most atrocious and humiliation of people judgment, there is no value of people votes nor their time,this week elimination in the show is very hypocrisy act, result of the kind of commitment and service given by contender to person in management,might be influencing and creating anyathical adjustment in game show, Show presenter are trying to become dictators of entertainment business and want to dominate regional show but forgetting the power of audience..this will be last show which has made good buisness till date from tomorrow TRP will come down rapidly and the show will become a biggest blender and flop and this will be the last season …next season there will be no such person who will come forward to join the show and it will not only effect the show but also the channel which is presenting….BB7 and SMTV… Very soon will vanish from the regional language … Sponsors please don’t waste your money and time with the show now and in future

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8th Week Elimination Bigg Boss 7 Telugu – Bigg boss Voting Live